The beautiful Viareggio
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The Versilia coast is known for its charming coastal towns of the fashionable Forte dei Marmi to relax Viareggio. Viareggio is the oldest coastal town in Versilia. The city is famous for its beaches and shipbuilding tradition, but also mainly because of the carnival. The floats in the carnival, one of the largest and most daring of Italy, usually a satirizing political issue. Viareggio enjoyed its heyday in the early 20th century, witness the seaside cafes, many beach clubs and historic hotels. Such as Plaza Russie, which was built for the Russian aristocracy of the Russian Revolution. Viareggio is a modest place with a sophisticated charm. You can relax and go cycling, and you will find plenty of seafood. In the city along the sea you will find many beach clubs, with rich choice of restaurants and terraces. It has long, wide boulevard many beautiful and modern shops.
Viareggio is on a main railway line from north to south, with its own drive. Through Tuscany can be made many scenic train journeys; they do not focus on speed but on enjoying natural beauty. Thanks to the artistic views and romantic scenery, the rail route to Pisa (15 min.) And on to Orvieto perhaps best suited to know the landscape of Tuscany.